The Sun City Center Emergency Squad provides Basic Life Support (BLS) coverage 24/7 with experienced staff. In addition to ambulance service, they provide transportation to bedfast patients who need to see a doctor and van service for wheelchair patients. They provide loaner wheelchairs, walkers and canes that have been donated by members of the community and give complimentary blood pressure checks during normal business hours.

The Hillsborough County Fire Rescue squad can respond to life-threatening cases with their Advanced Life Support Unit (ALS). They are among the best trained units in the United States.


South Bay Hospital is in the center of our community and is surrounded by medical buildings for doctors of ever field of practice. They are all only a short golf cart ride away.

South Bay is awaiting state approval to move part of their facility up to Big Bend Road in Riverview, six miles north of Kings Point. The emergency room will remain here. 

A word of advice: Some doctors in Sun City Center now require their patients to make appointments before they will renew prescriptions. For many seniors, this is a costly burden. When you choose a doctor, check to see if that is their policy. If it is, you may want to pick another healthcare provider. It can be difficult to get an appointment for some doctors. Look into that and ask your neighbors for references.

There are many doctor and dentist offices in our community. There's no need to drive long distances.